The Project:

The SCatterometer InstRument Competence Centre, SCIRoCCo, has been established by the European Space Agency in  support of the activities of the Sensor Performance and Product Assessment and Algorithm section (EOP-GMQ) for the ERS-2 Scatterometer mission Phase-F.

The SCIRoCCo Project has been kicked-off on 24/06/2014.


  SCIRoCCo aims at becoming a reference center for the international meteorological agency, meteorological operations centers, and the research and educational community worldwide for the exploitation of the ERS Scatterometer mission data set and of the present and future C-band scatterometer mission data sets.



To achieve this objective, SCIRoCCo shall carry out research and development activities in the area of:

o   Collecting and organizing the current documentation related to scatterometry.

 o   Stimulating the inclusion of scatterometry within  the standards recognized by the WMO

 o   Supporting the current ESA reprocessing activity on ERS1/2, notably supporting the inter-calibration of  ERS-1 and ERS-2 and the Recalibration of ERS-2 aft beam anomaly (cycles 69-74).

 o   Maintaining TOSCA - Tool for Scatterometer Calibration – & QC tools and its associated documentation

 o   Defining an ERS-ASPS netCDF product and generation of ERS-ASPS netCDF products.

 o   Setting-up an educational network, providing a student exchange program, and a series of grants and prizes.

 o   Providing educational material such as courses, seminars, presentations, e-books through a dedicated SCIRoCCo  web-portal

 o   Supporting the definition of new products, proposals for improvements on processing algorithms for level 1 products, on the retrieval procedures for level 2 data, and refinement of the forward models.

 o   Generating of L2 SM data set & QC

 o   Generating of L2 Ocean Wind Vectors & QC

 o   Providing ASPS QC evaluation on sigma naught (optional)

 o   Providing ASPS Ocean Wind Vectors validation by NWP (optional)

 o   Generating ASPS ad-hoc data set for educational and research activities

 o   Providing Recommendations for a possible next ERS mission reprocessing campaign